EVA International

The EVA international (Electronic Visualisation and the Arts) is a globally-oriented and interdisciplinary series of events, that is exclusively dedicated to the use of visual information technologies in the cultural sector.

It was founded by James Hemsley and organised jointly for the first time with Kirk Martinez and Anthony Hamber at Imperial College in London in 1990. Since then, locally organised conferences with own thematic focus have been taking place in London, BerlinFlorence, Copenhagen.

In addition, there have been individual events in Athens, Brussels, California, Dallas, Harvard, New York, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Delhi, Gifu in Japan, Jerusalem, Kiev, Laval, Madrid, Montreal, Canberra, Paris, Beijing, Prague, Thessaloniki and Warsaw.

Conference dates 2024:

nn-nn                                     EVA  Florenz

nn-nn                                     EVA London 

nn-nn                                     EVA Paris

nn-nn                                     EVA Berlin

Additional information on the international conferences can be found on the website EVA Conferences International. Both concept and website of each EVA conferences are designed by the respective organisers.